About the Editors

Three years ago, I was homeless in the city of Richmond, Virginia. In between peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly), I thought of the future: its immensity, its inherent uncertainty, and its promises. Life was the present moment, stretching infinitely into the unimaginable. I worked hard–but what was I working toward?

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to Better Futures Press. My aim is to bring unsung voices to the forefront of fiction, to intersect the fantastical with the mundane, and to help others achieve their aspirations. After all, our ambitions are all that we have; in order to move more than the dirt that buries us, we must pursue them.

However hard the present moment, our task remains the same: to look forward to that new horizon, to that pristine future–with all its immensity, uncertainty, and promise–and to march forward, undaunted.

To borrow wiser words, “You must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”


-John K. Webb, Co-founder of Better Futures Press


Keeping your head above water can sometimes seem like an imaginable task. You walk down the street to your service industry job after your evening class, and trying to hold your chin high through clenched jaw despite the whispered insults and vague threats that plague your existence just for being so– it gets exhausting. Trying to speak through fair hands over your mouth and after being told that someone else knows more about your experience than you do– it gets discouraging.

Living at an intersection, I can attest to the fact that mediums for self-expression are necessary. Art is one of the most powerful ways. While it can at times serve as a vehicle for a message, sometimes you need to wield your pen or paintbrush to escape those problems that consume you on the regular.

This project serves as a platform for our expression. No one is going to silence you here.


-Taneasha White, Co-founder of Better Futures Press